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Ross Cottom Lanes is host to the

Bulldogs of Harrisburg High School

and their 4 high school teams.


        Now in their 22nd year of existence, the Bowling Bulldogs have enjoyed a lot of success.2005 brought a 10th place finish for the boys varsity and they followed that up with a second place showing at the state level in 2007. In 2009 they finished their year with a 3rd place finish at state and then backed that up with another 10th place finish in 2010. In 2024 they finished 2nd at the state level.


      35-45 kids participate each year in the full letter sport at Harrisburg High School. At 3:30 daily the teams are hard at work as they take to the lanes for practice. Their schedule is dotted with area teams that participate in home and away matches that are as exciting as any sport in high school athletics. Take in a high school bowling match, you'll be glad you did.


2024-2025 Schedule

2016-2017 High School Bowling-0_edited_edited
2016-2017 High School Bowling-1-0_edited_edited
2014-2015 Boys
2014-2015 Girls
2011-2012 Girls
2011-2012 Boys
2010-2011 Girls
2010-2011 Boys
2009-2010 Girls
2009-2010 Boys
2007-2008 Girls
2007-2008 Boys
2006-2007 Girls
2006-2007 Boys
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